WHAT is Autism BrainNet?

Autism BrainNet has been established to acquire postmortem brain and other tissue for research into the causes and treatment of autism spectrum and other related neurodevelopmental disorders.  Once an adequate number of donations have been received to establish a scientifically valid cohort, tissue will be distributed to investigators worldwide.  Investigators will submit an application that will undergo peer review by the Scientific Review Committee. Those applications deemed to be of high scientific quality will be forwarded to the Steering Committee for final approval based on tissue availability. While there is no cost for tissue specimens, fees have been established for tissue preparation and distribution.

Tissue researchers and commercial enterprises are invited to contact the Director (David G. Amaral, Ph.D.).

WHAT is the application process for Autism BrainNet?

Autism BrainNet announces the initiation of brain tissue distribution to investigators. Initially, distributed tissue will be restricted to donations previously collected by the ATP. In order to apply for tissue, investigators should submit a short research abstract and fill out the form located here and upload the required documentation. Complete applications will be reviewed by the Scientific Review Committee. Authorized investigators will be contacted by a representative of Autism BrainNet to discuss specific tissue needs and plan for tissue shipment. For additional inquiries please email requests@AutismBrainNet.org.

We anticipate that distribution of the newly acquired tissue collected under the auspices of Autism BrainNet will begin in the fall of 2016.

Our Newsletter

To learn more about the activity of the It Takes Brains campaign and updates on research, read our newsletter: Autism BrainNet Winter 2016 Newsletter